OPL Charities

Online Auction

The online live auction is now open...have you registered to bid yet?!

To begin bidding, purchase super raffle tickets, or make a cash donation, follow instructions below:

  1.  Go to bforg.com/oplcharities

  2.  Click on "Register"

  3.  Enter your info

  4.  Click "More > Text Message Alerts" to opt-in to text message alerts so you'll be notified if someone out-bids you!

  5.  Click "More > Credit Cards" to add payment info and begin bidding today!

  1.  Go to biddingforgood.com/oplcharities

  2.  Click on "Register to Bid"

  3.  Enter your info & credit card to begin bidding today!

  4.  Be sure to include your cell number so you'll receive text message alerts if someone out-bids you!