OPL Charities

Online Auction

OPL Charities’ Online Auction

...have you registered to bid yet? We can help!

To be able to participate in our auction, purchase super raffle tickets, or make a cash donation, follow the instructions below. Already have an account from last year, but forgot your password? Click here.

  1.  Go to bforg.com/oplcharities

  2.  Click on "Register"

  3.  Enter your info

  4.  Click "More > Text Message Alerts" to opt-in to text message alerts so you'll be notified if someone out-bids you!

  5.  Click "More > Credit Cards" to add payment info and begin bidding today!

  1.  Go to biddingforgood.com/oplcharities

  2.  Click on "Register to Bid"

  3.  Enter your info & credit card to begin bidding today!

  4.  Be sure to include your cell number so you'll receive text message alerts if someone out-bids you!